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Medical Er yag lase machine acne treatment pigment removal MB2940

Proveedor confiable. Conseguí gran resultado de su equipo IPL. la máquina nos traen grandes cantidades de dinero cada mes. Me gustaría probar su láser de diodo real del cabello.

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Medical Er yag lase machine acne treatment pigment removal MB2940

Ampliación de imagen :  Medical Er yag lase machine acne treatment pigment removal MB2940

Datos del producto:

Lugar de origen: China
Nombre de la marca: MB
Certificación: CE
Número de modelo: MB2940

Pago y Envío Términos:

Cantidad de orden mínima: 1 set
Tiempo de entrega: 3-5 días laborables
Condiciones de pago: T / T, Western Union
Descripción detallada del producto
color: blanco Energía de la salida: 100-1500mj
Mostrar: pantalla táctil del color de 7 pulgadas Fuente de alimentación: 1000W
Potencia de entrada: CA 220V o CA 110V 50/60Hz Entrada actual: 10A
Longitud de onda: 2940nm

Medical Er yag lase machine acne treatment pigment removal MB2940


Working Principle Erbium Laser Dental


The Er yag laser 2940nm is a ablative fractional laser resurfacing treatment equipment. 2940nm has peak value of absorption to water, then it can be absorbed nearly 100% by water. There are plentiful water in the human skin. The Er: yag laser is absorbed speedily when do treatment. It makes the surface skin temperature ascending speediness. And lead to the tissue of symptoms boiloff instant. Treatment with the fractional handpiece creates and ablation zone which effects 15-20% of the treatment area while leaving intact, undamaged skin around each treatment site. This untreated area acts as a reservoir for rapid healing. Since re-epithelialization of treatment zones occurs rapidly, there is a significant reduction in the risk of infection. By limiting the affected area, delicate skin areas, such as neck, chest and hands can be treated safely.


The Er Glass 1540nm is a non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing treatment equipment. It uses 1540nm erbium glass launching near-infrared laser, in the handle Canon of the output laser beam processing system will be transformed into a uniform solid spot of laser micro-beam fractional. Irradiation on the skin through the epidermis to dermal fibroblasts within the collagen and coagulation necrosis (not vaporized, there are no pits). In the outside of freezing point is the normal tissue intact. The normal tissue starts self-regeneration repairing promptly, and repair necrosis of tissue cells with a defect. After a few treatments, all skin update again. Its main feature is simple operating, safety, without postoperative rest period, not delay work, but also very obvious effect. Not only to treat the face, but also treat other parts of the body. It is recognized by worldwide as the most advanced clinical experience gained with a large number of light-based cosmetic means.





1. Scar removal: trauma surgery scar, acne scar, large pores


2. Wrinkle removal: face lifting, neck wrinkle removal, striae gravidarum


3. Speckle removal: All kinds of pigment diseases




1. Reliable manufacture with professsional design and production team. Both OEM & ODM are avalialbe. We can put your logo on the machine and also do some other changes as your requirement.


2. Competitive price & high quality products, good after-sales service 1 year guarantee.


3. The shell is made of the ABS environmental material and beautiful design


4. Free training both on our company and on line.


5. Friendly interface LCD screen, easy to operation.



Wave length 2940nm
Output energy 100-1500mJ
Display 7 inch color touch screen
Power supply 1000W
Power input Ac 220V or Ac 110V 50/60Hz
Current input 10A




Persona de Contacto: Mr. DAVID WANG

Teléfono: 86-10-89249884

Fax: 86--89249884-888

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